Leading industry affiliate and one of the most popular gambling portals found online, LCB.org, has continued their investigations on ROGUE online casinos, adding yet another name to their list. LCB works to bring more value to the player, focusing their efforts on researching a massive network of sites related to gambling.

Researching Online Gaming Providers:

One of their most important jobs is to provide a mediation service, between casinos and players, interceding on behalf of consumers of gaming sites. The goal of LCB is to improve communication between the player and the online gaming site, working towards reconciling any misunderstandings or conflicts.

Due to their efforts, the gambling guide has been able to display reputable casinos as well as validate their offerings. The brand has also been able to expose gaming sites that have proven to be predatory and rogue in nature. Detailed in its latest report, online casino, Sekabet, has proven themselves to be both dishonest and aloof, providing an unfair environment for consumers.

Avoid Sekabet:

So, how has Sekabet gained this reputation? The brand has refused to pay out legitimate winnings to players who have rightfully earned prizes. The brand has been reported to not complete payments, provide unresponsive or rude customer support as well as offer pirated and unlicensed games.

The LCB Direct Casino Support board is a place where players who have been taken advantage of by the site can post their complaints. Many members have already complained of slow withdrawal times as well as pending withdrawals that are seemingly never going to be posted.

Since March of this year, efforts have been focused on trying to resolve the disputes between players and Sekabet. Trying to see players get their money back at minimum or be paid their earnings. Eventually, agreements were reached in several cases. However, there is still one complaint pending.

Our Findings:

At WCD, we completed a full review of Sekabet, and were able to establish incriminating facts about the brand. First, we learned that their Curacao license has expired and has not been renewed. Then, we discovered that the Novamatic titles on offer are unlicensed and are pirated copies of original games of the brand.

Because of our findings along with LCB’s research, it is recommended that players do not visit Sekabet Casino. Players are advised to avoid the risk and find other sites in which to enjoy online game play.