To avoid long check-in lines for guests arriving from all around the world, three hotels in Las Vegas will be offering a special self-check in kiosk. Visitors want to be able to get into their room as quickly as possible before hitting the casino gaming tables found in Nevada. With the new kiosks, players would be able to check-in at Caesars Entertainment venues and be quickly able to access their guest rooms.

Back in December, Caesars Entertainment launched a pilot program to test the self-check-in kiosks. Three properties located on the Strip, Caesars Palace, Flamingo Las Vegas and the Linq Hotel all had the kiosks installed. The pilot testing was deemed a success and will now be expanded to other properties owned by Caesars including the Rio, Harrah’s Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood and Bally’s Las Vegas. These properties should see the kiosk added by the end of the summer. Even more kiosks will be added to the three properties that already have options installed for self-check-in.

According to executives of Caesars, other resort companies are expected to follow suit and install kiosks for check-in. The installed kiosks are similar to what can be found at airports as well as rental car companies. Guests will be able to check in to their room without having to worry about standing in line at the front desk of the hotel. A room key will be provided by the kiosk.

Caesars Entertainment President of Hospitality, Bob Morse, stated that the guest feedback had been overwhelmingly positive. The hotel can see 3,000 guests arrive in one day, especially if a convention is in town and lines are often quite long for check-in from 4 to 6pm. The goal of Caesars is to never see anyone wait more than 15 minutes to check in to their guest room. Morse stated that the hotels are seeing the check-in goals double during certain times each day and certain days of the week.

The front desk of the Caesars hotels alert guests with signage about the new option for check-in. The hotels also have ambassadors standing at the kiosks to help if any problems occur or if guests need assistance.

The pilot program was launched first so that Caesars could determine if any bugs were present and these issues could be corrected. 70% of individuals who used the check-in option were able to do so without problems. This number is now up to 88%. The system has been programmed to handle as much as 120 different forms of identification, helping to serve guests from across the globe.

When a visitor registers and their room is not ready yet, the kiosk will process the guest’s transaction, assign a room number and then inform the visitor when their room is ready via a notification. Once the notification is sent, the visitor will be able to return to the kiosk for their room card.

Additional technology is being studied by Caesars that would improve the service at the swimming pools of properties. The wait staff would be able to input drink and food orders with hand-held devices and other staff members would bring the items out, saving time on the entire process.