A new parking charge was instituted by the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, Florida on the 1st of the month, which has many people upset over the change. In the past, there was no fee to park at the venue and now, changes have been made which includes a charge of $10 for parking after being at the venue for 30 minutes.

Many players took to the casino’s Facebook page to vent their frustration over the new charge. Nikki Yourison, a spokeswoman for the venue, stated that plans are in place to make parking more secure for visitors to the casino. The parking garages will have officers added for security measures as well as better lighting for visibility. According to TampaBay.com, Yourison spoke about the new changes but did not state if the money from the charges would go to pay for the added security.

Yourison did point out that most of the entertainment venues located in the Tampa Bay area do charge for parking along with other casinos in the United States. It was just two months ago that casinos in Las Vegas began to charge for parking as well. MGM Resorts International has added parking charges to twelve of their properties in Sin City, in an effort to improve the parking experience for guests.

Visitors to the Hard Rock of Tampa can see their parking fee waived if they spend $50 at the spa of the casino or in retail shopping or dining at restaurants of the venue. Guests of the hotel along with X and Elite card holders will not be charged. The parking fee can also be covered with comp dollars earned during casino game play.

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  1. James scearce

    The Casino in Rock Hill North Carolina ride around Charlotte North Carolina half day ever finalize I’m putting a casino in that area.

  2. Richard Matkowski

    I want to thank the Hard Rock Casino for saving my household more than $2000 a year by instituting the $10 a day parking fee. We will not be participating in their taking $10 from my pocket before we even get into the Casino! I’m sure a large number of their “Customers” are living on retirement income like me and my wife. We do enjoy the entertainment and we realize the “House” always wins, but to “Screw” us before we even get in the casino is just “Stealing”!! The Florida legislation will, I’m sure be getting heavy pressure from their voters to open more competition for the Seminoles. I’ll save my gambling for casinos in Illinois, Michigan and Mississippi before getting “SCREWED” at the Hard Rock!!!

  3. Jlo

    I don’t know how they can say all………casinos charge for parking! I live in Pittsburgh and our casinos don’t charge for parking and have security watching the cars all the time. This is BS. I was going to go there on my week vacation and forget it now.

  4. Frank

    You now have limited me and my friends to stop going to your Casinos. Its a shame but your decision to first close the Green room was a big mistake and now you want to charge for parking!! what a joke. We now will look for other alternatives.


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