In Florida, the federally-recognized Seminole Tribe of Florida has reportedly initiated a legal action against the operators of eleven local restaurants, cafes and coffee shops amid allegations that these firms are illegally offering electronic gambling machines.

According to a report from television broadcaster WTLV-TV, the lawsuit was filed with the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida in Jacksonville on December 6 and alleges that the defendants are running ‘electronic gambling parlors’ and that this infringes upon its own monopoly on offering such ‘casino-style’ games.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida operates a number of casinos across the southern state including the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa and the larger Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood and reportedly inked a deal with Florida officials in 2010 that gave it the exclusive rights to offer Class III gaming such as electronic gambling machines and slots.

The Jacksonville-based broadcaster reported that the lawsuit alleges that the Duval County defendants are contravening this agreement by owning, maintaining or managing venues that permit customers to electronically ‘engage in various forms of casino-style gambling whereby the patrons pay money in return for which they receive a chance to win greater sums of money as prizes’.

Tribal attorney Barry Richard reportedly told WTLV-TV that the defendants, which include Wild Plum Arcade, Lucky’s Cyber Center and Big Chances Internet Café, are offering games that ‘you would play in a casino’.

“They are typical slot-type games, spinning games or so-called ‘fish games’ or card games,” Richard reportedly told the broadcaster. “The essential point is that the patron pays money for the chance to win more money.”

Alongside the operators, the lawsuit from the Seminole Tribe of Florida moreover reportedly names 15 landlords as defendants for allowing their tenants to ‘knowingly permit such unlawful gambling to take place’.

“These are very clear violations of Florida’s gambling laws and I have a high level of confidence that the [Seminole Tribe of Florida] is going to be successful,” Richard reportedly told WTLV-TV.

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  1. Nonya

    I can’t believe they gave these crooks the green light to be the only monopoly in Florida. Im sure your pockets were stuffed nicely governor. This state is so crooked its sick. You need to let other casinos come and operate. You guys have no regulation on the Seminoles and they just keep ripping everybody off. How stupid can you be when the entire las Vegas strip brought in 6 billion dollars and the Seminoles bring in 4.5 billion. Of course that is what they are claiming,,,I’m sure its a lot more. Makes you Think that just 3 casinos bring in the same amount of all of las Vegas…In other words they cheating big time and wish you people would do something about it..,SMH


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