Originally expected to open a few months ago, after visiting the construction site of the Ovalle Casino Resort in Chile, Mayor Claudio Renteria expects that the venue is on pace to meet the September 4 opening deadline, with over 90 percent of the work complete, according to an article in Spanish-language news outlet, Semanario Tiempo.

According to the commercial director for the resort, Juan Carlos Salaberry, the structure and inside facilities have been completed and documents have been submitted to the Directorate of Municipal Works. Salaberry said that the municipal authority has inspected the facility “a couple of times” and that the final required adjustments are being completed. He estimated that the facility should be completed in its entirety by April or May of next year.

Given that information and the time frame, some of the resort’s amenities, such as the hotel and restaurants, could be in operation by later this year. The gambling halls still require authorization from the Superintendencia de Casinos and Gaming before operations can begin. Salaberry said it is likely that prior to the issue of the casino’s gaming license, which is subject to the final approval of the Superintendent of Casinos and Games, some of the components of the facility, such as the hotel and some of the dining establishments, will begin operations, according to the news outlet.

Work began on the facility on April 3, 2014, after winning the license in September 2013. The developers, the Boldt Group in association with Grup Peralada, were granted an extension last June by the Superintendent of Casinos. That was after announcing that the casino resort, which is Ovalle’s largest private investment ever, had a projected opening of March 12, 2016, with an expected soft opening in February. However, because the entire process of permits and acceptance in Limarí’s provincial capital is a rigorous and complex one, with multiple agencies needing to approve various aspects of the development, that wasn’t feasible. The developers were then given a new deadline of September 4, 2016, to begin the casino operation, with other aspects of the resort to follow and be completed by March 4, 2017.

The new facility’s design is warm in nature and focuses on the use of materials, such as wood and stone. The interior is modern and includes restaurants, gaming area, disco, spa, and swimming pools. The facility also includes a 1,200 seat amphitheater.

In March, casino manager, Juan Almagro told the news outlet that approximately 125 people had already been hired and were being trained for various positions at the casino resort and that an additional 175 positions had been contracted with candidates being selected who will be ready to assume duties upon the opening of the facility. In total, the $50 million development created 1,500 temporary and permanent positions.