Bill Schuette, the Michigan Attorney General, has released information on a cheating conspiracy case involving seven individuals, one of which was a former dealer at the MotorCity Casino. Darryl Green, age 53, has been accused of using his position of employment to cheat the casino.

Green began working at the Detroit casino in 2014 and was accused of making payouts on losing bets. He also did not collect payment when a bet was lost, both actions taking place in games of house banked Texas Hold’em games. When Michigan State Police began an investigation, it was found that six people were involved along with the card dealer.

The six individuals allegedly involved included: Eugene Davis Jr., Earl Leonard Railey, Calvin Lawrence Pullom, Roxanna Dee McKinney, Leah Katrelle Smith and Hayword Milton Stampley. All six individuals knew Green and were associated with the dealer outside of the casino before and after the alleged cheating took place.

Each person involved in the case was charged with one count of conspiracy to cheat at a gambling game, which is a conspiracy. Gambling activities, conspiracy to commit larceny in a building as well as larceny in a building were also charged. Each person faces as much as 10 years in prison for the charges of gambling activities.

Of the seven defendants, five turned themselves in for the arraignment in court during the past two weeks. These individuals will have to come back to court and have all been released on bond. Green, Davis Jr, Calvin Pullom, Stampley and Smith will return to court on March 1st. Railey and McKinney appear to have gone on the run.