As the Tinian Dynasty casino closes, several employees in a municipal government capacity could find themselves unemployed. Earlier this week, the Tinian Mayor, Joey Patrick San Nicolas, reported that he had provided notice to 43 employees whose positions were in jeopardy. These positions would not be renewed as they were paid for by the revenues from the Dynasty casino.

The mayor stated: “It is with a heavy heart and great disappointment that I inform you that I may not be able to renew employment contracts funded by our gaming industry. For as long as Dynasty’s casinos floors are closed, so will our municipal coffers that support our ability to employ our people.”

The Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission was asked by the Tinian Dynasty Casino if they could close on a temporary basis due to a decrease in traffic. The lower visitor number are due to Typhoon Soudelor hitting Saipan and flight cancellations to China thereafter. With the drop in visitors, the casino cannot economically continue to operate.

Casino officials told Marianas Variety that as the casino closes, the Dynasty will have the opportunity to place updated surveillance systems in the venue as well as enhanced compliance programs. The company plans on bringing in new operating partners as well as bring in additional funds to help improve the facility and raise the total number of visitors to the Tinian area.

The request for closure is for a three week time frame. However, the casino facility may not be ready to open again until Tinian Entertainment, Co. Ltd, the new investor of the property, is able to secure a license for operation of the facility. Workers of the casino were given assurance that they would not be let go by the new company.