iGaming Cloud is a subsidiary of Gaming Innovation Group that provides platform options for online gaming providers. iGaming Cloud recently helped Shadowbet.com to provide a new gaming option for members known as Ouroboros. This new option is an exciting approach to rewarding players at the online casino. Ouroboros acts as an extension of the standard casino gaming experience that classic slot players have come to know.

How does Ouroboros Work?

When you enjoy any game at Shadowbet.com, you will have the ability to win additional Free Spins as well as money every time you level up. With every wager, players will see the entertainment bar fill up. As the bar fills up, players are even closer to the Ouroboros experience. Once the bar is filled, the ancient Ouroboros will be activated.

ShadowBet has opened up this new experience to new users, even those who have yet to register to play. The online casino wants to give new users an opportunity to feel what the casino has to offer and play without having to go through the registration process. Any rewards can be claimed later upon registration.

The Project Manager of ShadowBet commented on the new gaming experience by stating: “We are sure, that our Ouroboros game will optimize our conversion as our users can interact with our Casino and feel the atmosphere of our mysterious world just by entering our site.”

Shadowbet is a new casino to the market that first launched in October 2016. Instead of offering superheroes, animal and candy based gaming themes, Shadowbet provides a mysterious entertainment option that can only be experienced at Shadow.