Last week a mysterious company purchased one of the most important newspapers in the gambling industry in the swing state of Nevada. Now, the Las Vegas Review-Journal confirms that the money behind News + Media Capital Group LLC comes from Las Vegas and Macau Billionaire, and history’s largest political donor, Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas Sands Corp.

The news actually ‘broke’ in the Las Vegas newspaper after reporters there, with the help or at least encouragement of the 7,500 member strong, Society of Professional Journalists, put together all of the pieces and drew a line directly to Adelson – this even though LVRJ manager Michael Schroeder told newsroom staffers that the unnamed new owners “want you to focus on your jobs … don’t worry about who they are.” According to CNN Money that quote was expunged from an article in the editorial process.

Jennifer Robison, who co-bylined the breaking article in yesterday’s print addition tweeted on Wednesday night, “Welp, we DID focus on our jobs,”  and  “Bad advice for him.”

Tuesday, Adelson had reportedly claimed that he has “no personal interest” in the paper. The non-denial denial was there after all.

Once the news was published, reporter Carol Cling tweeted “no matter who owns the Review-Journal, they don’t own us.”

The Adelson family confirmed their ownership in a statement that was printed along with the breaking article saying, “This week, with each of the Republican candidates for president and the national media descending on Las Vegas for the year’s final debate, we did not want an announcement to distract from the important role Nevada continues to play in the presidential election.”

The debates were held at Adelson’s Venetian Las Vegas.