In 2012, a brother and sister decided to try and cheat the Motor City Casino located in Detroit, Michigan. James Countryman was an employee at the casino, working as a dealer at the roulette tables. Teaming up with his sister, the two took almost $5,000 before casino officials caught on to their scheme.

Working with his sister, India Countryman, James would allow her to place a bet after the ball landed on 14 red. India won $4,700 and officials soon found the two had cheated to win the cash. Investigators were able to determine via surveillance footage that India placed her bet late which is against the rules.

The siblings denied that they did anything wrong but there was no denying the security footage. In a Michigan appeals court, the past convictions of the brother and sister were upheld after a 3-0 decision this past Friday rejected the challenge by the Countryman’s. Both India and James will remain on probation for three years due to their crimes.