Softswiss Sportsbook has decided to add a new bonus type to its online sports betting services to further gamify the industry. Titled Lootbox, this new feature gives players a chance to earn bonuses while placing sports bets. It’s a new option that is sure to peak player interest and boost engagement.

More on the Lootbox Bonus

The sportsbook is the first to add the sports betting option, an engagement tool that gives players a chance to earn a certain number of bonus points while placing wagers. Once enough points have been earned, the player can choose a loot box once it appears on the screen.

Within the loot boxes are rewards, with up to three free bets on offer. Each of the bets will equal the average wager placed by the player. It’s a unique concept that players are sure to take to due to the potential to win more bets at no cost.

For operators, the Lootbox feature comes with flexible settings so it can be customized as needed. Clients can launch the feature and manage the bonus options as well as offer it for various player categories.

Product Owner at Softswiss Sportsbook, Alexandr Kamenetskyi, commented on the new feature by stating:

“When developing new bonuses, we always pay attention to market trends and the needs of the players and operators. Gamification is what the market demands right now and it’s one of the key goals for Sportsbook. The Lootbox bonus is a great addition to the features we have already added to our solution. Moreover, it’s a new bonus type for the betting market, so it’s a double pleasure to offer exclusive tools for our partners and players!”

Moving forward, the company has plans to launch another special feature in the future. It will be a bonus type that focuses on Hunting Tournaments.

Expanding Services into Spain

Along with offering the new bonus option, Softswiss has been busy gaining certification in Spain. The company announced earlier this month that it was approved by Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego, after a security and audit was completed by Asensi Technologies, an accredited testing company.

Now that certification has been provided, Softswiss can offer its services to licensed gaming companies in Spain. The company already offers services in Ukraine, Estonia, Greece, Romania, Latvia, Curacao, Malta, and other areas, so Spain was the obvious next choice.

The company feels that Spain is a demanding market and it will be able to make operators’ lives easier by offering gaming content from a single hub.