The Solaire Resort and Casino is a very nice place indeed, however, they can use a few pointers on customer service and plain old manners.  If the Grand Opening is just for VIP’s they should tell you.  If there is a dress code, they should post it and they should say so on the website.   We saw someone else get turned away for wearing slippers, and we were turned away for wearing shorts and a World Casino Directory shirt (and actually escorted out of the establishment).  We asked to speak to management and were finally let in, only to be intercepted again and told the same thing.

We were only able to get a few pictures, and none of the grand opening ceremony due to the unrelaxed security. Perhaps after they get used to things they will not turn away gamblers who would rather be in comfortable clothing than sweating and stinking.  It felt harassing as security seemed to follow us around.  We were not even allowed to go to their hotel and photograph the hotel lobby because we are wearing shorts.

As if this was not enough, none of the restaurants had public seating except Lucky Noodle which had an extremely long line.  The food court was not even open and will open on the first week of April .  People were hungry and not quite the happiest campers.   As we tried to photograph the restaurants we were approached again that we cannot take pictures anymore according to their management then we went out, right when the rain starts!


We just got through reviewing eight super nice casinos in Macau and not once did we have any issues with our dress or photography (obviously no cameras on the casino floors).

At Solaire you cannot wear shorts in the hotel or anywhere inside their establishment.  If that’s their protocol they better think twice how to market their hotel and casino.  We have never had this experience at Resorts World (look for our upcoming review of this casino in May or June).


Dining in Solaire looked nice, but was not available when we were there.

In all fairness, we see a lot of potential for this casino.  New casinos have new staff and perhaps all the excitement got the best of them.   It has a large gaming floor, it is beautiful and the food in the restaurants that we could see looked great.


 UPDATE:  The Solaire Resort Casino has relaxed its dress code.


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  1. Manilaboy

    Well if that’s how strict their dress code is about not being able to wear shorts in the hot and humid tropical weather of Manila , then maybe they should re-consider that policy since in Las Vegas and other similar major gambling cities where no such policy exist due to the warm climate …

    • Crystal M

      Yeah you are right especially this month and the coming months (SUMMER)..but we can’t do anything about it.Their management has the right to make a decision about this issue.Thanks for the post

  2. halo

    Enforcing a strict dress code is just right. The owners didnt spend a huge fortune to build this fabulous casino only to turn it into a cheap shopping mall right. Its a grand casino and people who go there have lots of money and as such is used to classy environment. Just imagine you in a tux with millions in your pocket ready to gamble and then you meet a bunch of emo kids or hiphop wannabe or people wearing flipflops boxer shorts who arent really there to gamble but to enjoy the free airconditioning, howd you feel. People in LV is not the same as people in the phils.

    • rudeboy shufflin

      If you want a private millionaire’s club, then build one. If you want to open a casino for the public, then expect people to come in wearing what they are. If you want to have a dress code, that’s fine – post it.

      Maybe they put it up on their website by now, but when I checked none was listed.

  3. Ryan

    You guys are Inhumane elitists who have no idea how the world actually works. The richest people in the world dress as comfortable as they want, where they want. They don’t need to fake their social status like many people in the Philippines. I’d understand strict enforcement for the Casino itself but inside the hotel there are families who stay just for the sake of relaxing and eating at the restaurants. If you take away the comfort from the people who actually have money to spend that’s economical suicide.


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