In South Dakota, a measure that would have seen a proposal for a casino complex in the city of Yankton placed on the November ballot has been voted down by Senators in The Mount Rushmore State.

According to an Associated Press report published in the Lincoln Journal Star, in a vote of 23-12, the chamber denied  SJR9 (pdf), which would’ve asked the voters of South Dakota to change the constitution there.

Among those opposing the Port Yankton casino and entertainment complex project are a Deadwood gambling association and a coalition of South Dakota and Nebraska tribes, reports the Associated Press.

Of the approximately 36 casinos in the state of South Dakota, 13 are Native American Indian gaming facilities.

According to the media agency, the amendment to the state’s constitution would have asked voters to permit a nonprofit group a single gaming license in the southeastern city of Yankton.

Yankton Senator Craig Kennedy reportedly urged legislators to approve the measure to allow supporters to present the issue to the voters of the state.

Proponents of the casino proposal argued that a Yankton casino would help the community compete with neighboring states Nebraska and Iowa for tourists.

The sponsor of the measure, Sen. Larry Tidemann, moved to reconsider the vote at a later date, according to the Associated Press.

Yankton is located on the Missouri River on the state’s border with Nebraska.