California is set to debut its first skill-based gambling products at Harrah’s Resort in Southern California with the installation of two machines. Both Caesars and Gamblit announced the addition of new games last Friday. This marks the first time California casinos have used this revolutionary form of gambling.

In September of 2016, Caesars and Gamblit Games agreed on a deal to give a 30-day trial run at Caesars Planet Hollywood in Vegas. After this initial trial period, the same two games would be placed at Harrah’s in southern California.

The addition of skill based games is an attempt to lure the growing millennial market. Games are touch based, and act much like a giant smartphone that appear to be attached to everyone’s hand these days. It makes sense to transition gambling games to mimic this habit. It’s said millennials find slots and other gambling games to be boring. Gamblit’s skill based games are an attempt to draw this crowd in.

The two games at Harrah’s are Gamblit Poker and Cannonbeards Treasure. They have been strategically placed just outside the Spiked Bar in hopes of attracting the large amount of foot traffic that passes in and out of the popular bar.

To further add to the element of touch screen based gaming, USB charging docks have been added to the tables.

Plans for future games to be added at Harrah’s and other Caesars properties are in the works as soon as they get approval. MGM Resorts has also shown interest in Gamblit’s skill based games and are set to be next in line to jump on the bandwagon.