BCN World is a super mega complex that is in the process of being constructed on 8.25 kilometres of land which is located in the province of Tarragona. It is about an hour away from Barcelona, Spain and will comprise of numerous casinos, theme parks, hotels, restaurants, a golf course, a beach club, water park and shopping centers.

This massive project will create around 40,000 jobs for the people of Spain and is expected to go live sometime in 2016. There are numerous investors who are interested in investing in the BCN World complex and estimates suggest that nearly €4,700 million euro will be pumped into BCN World. The Hard Rock International is expected to be one of the main investors into the BCN World complex and is expected to invest close to €900 million euros.

Most of BCN World’s investors are waiting for Spain to complete its elections in September 2015 as there are numerous process and procedures to be followed in obtaining the numerous permits required for the operation of this mega complex. Hard Rock International is committed to investing into the Barcelona project just as it did for a similar project in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

In a statement, CEO Hamish Dodds of Hard Rock International said “Hard Rock will be one of the major investors. We may have partners that will participate with us but we will invest a considerable sum of money. It will generate more revenue for the Government of Catalonia and investment. Whatever the outcome of the elections I hope the standpoint to be adopted will be right for the project.”

The BCN World project will also involve expanding the popular theme park PortAventura and adding six special complexes that replicate India, Russia, China, US, Brazil and Europe .