After recently finding success in Africa, prominent lottery software solutions firm Spinola Gaming has now announced that they intend to begin supplying innovations to operators spread across the length and breadth of Latin America and Asia.

The Maltese firm used an official Friday press release published by European Gaming Media and Events to declare that is has begun 2020 with ‘an updated range of lottery solutions’ that have been explicitly developed to serve ‘emerging markets’ such as those in Asia and Latin America.

Budding opportunities:

Headquartered in the Valletta suburb of St Julian’s, Spinola Gaming stated that its bespoke ‘fast time to market and low cost’ lottery solutions appeal to governments in emerging markets and that several of these have now decided to launch their own standardized services so as to ‘eliminate black markets’. The innovator furthermore proclaimed that it can offer potential clients a selection of games and tailor-made templates as well as ‘sophisticated player management tools’ that enable them to run low stake and large jackpot games of their own quickly and safely.

Plugging platform:

Spinola Gaming additionally pronounced that its advances include a ‘robust, secure and scalable back office’ that permits lottery hopefuls to ‘easily manage their promotion and bonus campaigns’ via the handling of a wide selection of duties such as payments and live editing. Regarding land-based outlets and the firm asserted that it moreover offers a ‘full retail management’ service that can promote games across everything from terminals to interactive billboards.

Additional acceptance:

Ade Repcenko, Chief Executive Officer for Spinola Gaming, used the press release to point to the fast adoption of 4G smartphone technologies across Latin America and Asia as a main factor in his firm’s decision to begin offering its solutions to clients in these markets. As such, he declared that operators across the two giant regions can now employ his enterprise’s ‘specially-adapted solutions’ in order to offer ‘players more ways to play the lottery than ever before’.

Read a statement from Repcenko…

“We are very excited to announce we will be entering the Latin American and Asian markets in 2020. These markets show huge potential for immediate exponential growth over the coming years due to the sheer size of the market, their appetite for high-scale jackpots and their adoption of smartphones, which makes player access to mobile higher than ever before. The now widespread availability of 4G improves our ability to deliver high-quality and high-jackpot solutions to these markets.”