Major online gaming and huge sports betting providers join forces in order to integrate 2 titles in hopes of driving new player acquisitions as well as retaining their existing customer base in Africa.

On October 19th, 2021 Incentive Games, the operator of very enticing sports betting online gaming offerings, has combined resources with the big and successful operator, SportPesa, in order to provide a nice suite of Pay to Play titles which should assist the sports betting brand provide their customers who continue to use feature phones and enjoy proficient bandwidth utilization with the best possible experience.

Under the new agreement, Incentive Games will incorporate their V – League and Penalty Kick titles into the sports gaming provider’s technology platform. V – League is a virtual football game which includes seasons that operate all day every day (24 / 7) and it consists of virtual matches available to bet on every 2 minutes.

Penalty Kick is another virtual sports game in which users have to correctly anticipate and make a prediction where the player believes the ball will move to, and then they must decide how much they wish to wager on their placement prediction. The low – instability and the instantaneous win format of this game, Penalty Kick, was originally designed and produced in order to attract the sports fans who are looking for instant returns on their bets which is almost always appreciated by customers across the world.

All of Incentive Games’ titles utilize light – weight animation in order to provide their customers with a gaming platform that they can operate effortlessly on any and all smartphones these days, including Opera Mini Extreme, while also coming through with all the suspense, enthusiasm, and excitement that guarantee users continue to return back for more action time and time again. V – League and Penalty Kick are going to be made readily available to SportPesa customers in various markets worldwide.

This should not only attract new players, but retain their already existing client base that they are happily serving already at the moment. This seems to be a solid business model that should benefit both sides of this newly formed partnership in Incentive Games as well as SportPesa. Hopefully they continue to collaborate on other sports betting global initiatives that will benefit everyone around the world.

Media Statements

John Gordon, The CEO of Incentive Games, John Gordon stated, We are extremely proud that our content is now available across the globe and as a result we can work more strategically to identify the key partners that will help drive our business forward. SportPesa fall into this category and we are looking forward to working closely with them.”

The Director at SportPesa, Adam Beighton, said, “We are always looking for products that add value to our already large selection of games. These games cater to an online player segment that is often overlooked. We were particularly impressed by how the games have been developed to be seamless on smartphone devices that run on Opera Mini, a popular operating system in core markets such as Africa and Latin America. We look forward to seeing players engage with these games for the first time.