Donaco International has revealed an impressive growth in revenue, which was boosted by the company’s Star Vegas Resort and Club in Cambodia. Donaco acquired Star Vegas earlier this year, in July, and that proved to be a smart move since the facility noted an 86% increase in revenue and a 57% net-profit growth last year.

This popular Cambodian gambling destination saw its September VIP rolling chip turnover grow for 43% y-o-y and the VIP win rate reached 3.39%. The VIP win rate is higher than the one registered in September 2014 that was 3.15% as well as better than the standard theoretical win rate accepted by Asian casino operators of 2.85%.

In October only the rolling chip turnover generated AU$528 million (around $380 million) and thus set the y-o-y turnover to amazing AU$1.87 billion (around $1.34 billion). This means that Star Vegas’ y-o-y turnover jumped for 99%. The total actual net revenue the casino generated is AU$41.42 million and that’s higher for 66%. There’s a huge increase of 67% in the EBITDA as well; the earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation reached AU$32.64 million.

Star Vegas noted growth in both table games net revenue and slot machine revenue as well. The respective jumps of these are 79% and 50% to AU$26.77 million and AU$13.76 million.

Additionally, the results from the Star Vegas newly introduced VIP rooms weren’t included since they were still in “infancy” revealed Joey Lim, Donaco’s managing director. However, Lim also said that the VIP rooms were meeting the expectations with their revenue of AU941,000 in their first month.

Stuart McGregor, Donaco’s Chairman, commented that 2015 was a very successful year for the company, which “has seen a dramatic increase in size and scale.” Besides the Star Vegas, Donaco International operates another gaming business that is considered the company’s flagship property – Aristo International Hotel in Vietnam.