Gambling operators in Atlantic City are trying to determine how to attract millennials to gaming venues as this category of individuals do not seem as interested in table games and slots like older generations. A new study was recently conducted by the Levinson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism of Stockton University to help suggest ways that Atlantic City can make changes to attract this generation of individuals.

The study was paid for by four casinos which included the Borgata, Harrah’s, Resorts and Tropicana as well as the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The study took a look at what millennials like as well as what they do not like.

Jane Bokunewicz, an assistant professor of the university, stated that Atlantic City is doing something right by offering more options that fit into the non-gaming category. Millennials seem to be more interested in the non-gaming activities like restaurants, bars and night clubs instead of gaming.

Millennials are a generation that have focused on video gaming and are used to different types of technology. Because of this, the generation is not enticed by the standard casino slot game or table game, as they feel they are boring. Currently, slot manufacturers are trying to find new ways to present gaming.

The same has been done in Nevada as operators have found that millennials want an element of skill rather than simply push a button to see if a win can be earned. The casino gaming industry could change significantly to reflect the technology used today if manufacturers are able to find a way to integrate such technology into new slot gaming machines.