In the United States, a new study has reportedly found that over a quarter of the nation’s wealthiest people spent in excess of $25,000 on gambling over the past year while a further 15% dropped at least $10,000 at the tables.

According to a report from Time magazine citing an investigation conducted by Spectrum Group, the top amount wagered by those with at least $25 million in the bank is roughly equivalent to half of 2015’s estimated $55,775 average household income in the United States.

By comparison, figures provided by the Las Vegas Convention And Visitors Authority showed that the average gambler visiting the Nevada city in 2015 wagered slightly less than $600 per visit via just under two trips.

Time reported that the richest Americans also drop thousands of dollars on other forms of entertainment as about 40% spent at least $10,000 a year on sports tickets and season passes while 8% parted with the same amount for tickets to plays, symphonies and museums.

The study reportedly showed that the wealthy moreover spent big on clothing with one in four dropping at least $50,000 for their wardrobes while over a third bought $25,000 or more in jewelry last year.

However, the largest portion of super-wealthy disposable income was reportedly spent on travel and vacations last year with almost half parting with at least $10,000 while about 8% splurged and paid more than $100,000 for holidays.