Suffolk OTB has been considering creating a betting parlor at the Islandia Marriott hotel for some time, and recently had Delaware North, the company developing the gaming plan, to file for a permit to build the gaming facility at the hotel.

Delaware North filed the permit, asking officials of Islandia to allow the facility to be created at the hotel located in the small village. The application is two pages long and was read by a reporter of Newsday, who found that a hearing has now been set for July to discuss the project.

The application seeks permission for the lottery terminals to be added to the facility as well as give OTB permission to provide racing simulcasts, as well as food and beverage options for visitors. The Board of Trustees of Islandia Village have set a July 5th date to host a public hearing to consider the request by OTB. The meeting will take place in the evening hours at Village Hall and has been opened to the public.

Officials of Suffolk OTB and Delaware North were originally planning on offering VLTs in the Medford area but were faced with tough opposition by officials of the Brookhaven Town as well as residents to the area who did not want to see a gaming facility created. Additional areas were then put under consideration for the project including the hotel in Islandia.

According to Newsday’s findings, no comment has been made on the matter. Tony Pancella, the Vice President of Suffolk OTB was asked for comment and declined stating he was not allowed due to a confidentiality agreement. The Mayor of Islandia, Allan Dorman, has also not confirmed that a permit was requested on behalf of the plan.

Dorman did mention the meeting taking place on July 5th which was also mentioned by Delaware North in a statement. Delaware North commented that they would be participating in hearing set for the 5th of July in the Village of Islandia with a project to be discussed that would bring about significant economic benefits as well as create new permanent and short term employment.