Two top poker entities have now joined forces to bring something new to poker players of Macau. Poker Central and Macau Billionaire Poker have created a new partnership to bring the Super High Roller Bowl to the region with the launch of the inaugural Super High Roller Bowl China. Macau Billionaire Poker is guaranteeing that those competing will have access to a prize pool of $100 million HKD.

The event is set for March 20th to the 22nd with the Babylon Casino in Macau playing host. The casino is located at the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf with players posting a $2,000,000 + $100,000 HKD buy-in to compete. An administrative fee of 3% will be taken from the prize pool. The event is capped at 49 players with unlimited re-entries, and invite-only. Players can find out more information about registration by contacting Macau Billionaire Poker via email at [email protected]

In a press release, Vice President of Content for Poker Central, Sampson Simmons, commented on the new event by stating: “As the annual Super High Roller Bowl out of Las Vegas continues to be the gold standard for high roller tournament poker, we knew the time was right to expand the format globally. China is one of poker’s largest markets, and Macau Billionaire Poker is a natural partner to help bring the Super High Roller Bowl series to poker fans internationally.”

Macau Billionaire Poker CEO, Tim Chen, also commented on the new tournament by stating: “We are delighted to launch a new edition of the Super High Roller Bowl with Poker Central. We wanted to raise the stakes by providing a prize pool befitting of the event’s renowned stature—we can’t wait to see what unfolds at this inaugural event.”