The sky is orange. The air is dusty. Skyscrapers are falling, and the streets are empty. Something happened – and it isn’t good. 

Fantastic wins and intense gameplay:

In Quickspin’s newest online slot, Cash Truck 2, slated for release on June 13th, the player is trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. In this cyberpunk-themed game, you’ll get a chance to join Blade, Vex, Wrexa, and Shade, hijack Cash Truck, and try to achieve great wins and become one of the survivors of the apocalypse. 

This high-volatility slot begins on 7×6 reels, and it contains fantastic features and mechanics, including the recently introduced Compressor and Cloner features. 

There are four versions of a game, each one with a different RTP: 96%, 92%, 94%, and 87%.

Timo Vainiomäki, a Producer at Quickspin, said: “We loved the first Cash Truck. It was such an awesome game. We loved to play it, and we loved watching others play it as well. After hearing nothing but good feedback from our partners and players about it, continuing the series was an easy choice for us to make. As it always is when refining a recipe, you take a good base, which was our first Cash Truck game, and you begin adding flavors and spices until you reach perfection. So, with that in mind, we took the original game and immediately began thinking of new and exciting features to add to it. I strongly believe that this game has the potential to be a massive success, both for us here at Quickspin and our partners.”

Features that won’t leave disappointed:

The play area changes depending on the round in the base game. Whenever the tumble occurs, and the winning combination appears on the reels, the play area expands, and four new locations reveal.

If three or more Bonus Scatter symbols land, it will trigger the Truck Raider Bonus Game. If more than three scatters land, an additional Expander symbol will follow the bonus.

Each bonus game begins with three free spins. Each spin can award the player with a Cash Stack or/and special symbols, and these symbols will remain until the end of a game. At the end of the game, the player will get the prize which is equal to the sum of all symbols remaining on the reels, multiplied by the base bet.

When the Compressor feature activates, all symbols besides the scatters and wilds will be removed, granting the player a re-spin. After all the tumbles are finished, the symbol disappears from the table, removing all the surrounding symbols as well.

Bonus Game Compressor removes Cash Stack symbols, gathering their values and adding them to the final prize.

The Base Game Cloner feature picks four to eight symbols from the reels and replaces them with symbols from the first reel, increasing the chances of winning great prizes. Bonus Game Cloner copies the highest-paying symbols and places them one, two, or three times on the board.

All these thrilling features potentially can bring a player a Max Win of 35.000x.