On May 13, 2015, Sydney, Australia’s city council warned against the Lend Lease’s Barangaroo proposal saying the public would be the loser if it was passed. The proposal is for Barangaroo to gain more floor space as well as to relocate parkland. The parkland is currently along the waterfront, but it would need to be moved to install James Packer’s Crown Casino. Modification 8 was given to councilors on Wednesday regarding the development and profits the company proposes. The council says there is no public benefit or amenity that makes the 54% residential increase, 79% hospitality floor space, and 18% retail increase worthwhile.

It was argued that the original proposal for the expansion and new Crown Casino is so different from the final plans that approving it would not be possible under new government rules. To make way for the project three state planning policies would need to be changed.

According to the submission, “To be clear, the hotel, residential apartments and gaming facility is proposed to be situated on land where it is prohibited to be built.”

The city planners have concerns that are much like Echo Entertainment‘s concerns when it comes to public confidence. If the Baird government accepts the proposal they risk losing public confidence and if the minister approves the plan it will make the casino development not seem objective.