Australian wagering firm Tatts Group has announced plans to reposition its lotteries division under The Lott brand across seven jurisdictions including the states of New South Wales and Queensland.

The country’s largest non-casino gambling group, Melbourne-based Tatts Group revealed that the new The Lott name and logo is to be launched across all of its customer-facing points and communications channels and encompass operations including its Tatts Lottery game for Victoria, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory as well as Queensland’s Golden Casket title.

“Lotteries have evolved and we recognized we were ready for our next growth phase; our next evolution,” said Sue Van Der Merwe, Lotteries Chief Operating Officer for Tatts Group. “While our game brands offer players a high level of trust and integrity with strong emotional attachment and community core values, we know the global landscape is changing and we needed to adapt our branding strategy to remain ahead of the game.”

Sydney-listed Tatts Group stated that it had worked with branding and design agency Hulsbosch for more than a year to create the new identity for its lottery business, which also operates games for New South Wales Lotteries and South Australia Lotteries.

“We’re confident The Lott, a derivative of the word lottery, captures the essence of our games that our customers know and love to play,” said Van Der Merwe. “Our new brand is bold and simple. Inspired by the rainbow, our new symbol dynamically sweeps over the horizon to where you would expect to find a pot of gold.”

Van Der Merwe declared that Tatts Group has a “long and proud history of operating lotteries and delivering dreams to players across the country” while explaining that the new brand would be introduced across all of its channels including retail, online and mobile.

“We’re taking a long-term approach to establishing The Lott as the single destination brand  for Australia’s official lotteries; a one-stop lotteries shop for customers that will sit alongside the well-known and trusted state licensee brands of Golden Casket, Tattersall’s, New South Wales Lotteries and South Australia Lotteries,” said Van Der Merwe. “The new channel umbrella brand will build on the strength and market-leading capability of Tatts Group’s lotteries business and put the customer at the centre of the experience.”

Tatts Group disclosed that the need to re-brand its lotteries business was first recognized by Robbie Cooke after he was appointed as its Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director in 2013. It proclaimed that the new identity would help it to simplify the “complex brand architecture” that it has collected over the years as a result of “lottery acquisitions” producing “multiple retail lottery brands”.

“The channel umbrella brand initiative will build and unify the value of all lottery licensee entities operated by Tatts Group,” said Cooke.