Protests began last week at the SLS Las Vegas with valet parking attendants fighting for their right to form a union. As of yesterday, the Teamsters Union formed picket lines at the casino to bring awareness to the issue of the valet parking attendants not being allowed to form a union while employed by the casino.

It was the Teamsters Local 986 that organized the protest at SLS and claims they are supported by other labor organizations in their efforts. The Local 986 Secretary-Treasurer Chris Griswold, stated that the picket signs were up by 4 am and the group would stay on-site until the management of the SLS stops breaking the law and respects the right of their workers to form a union. Griswold reiterated that other unions are providing community support for the valet parking attendants.

Teamsters Local 986 claims that the management of SLS has been unfair in their labor practices and fired employees for supporting the campaign for a valet attendant union. In response, the officials of SLS Las Vegas stated that the casino/hotel has a strong history of working with every union the employees elect as representation. If more unions follow suit, the casino says they will work with the group to find a fair agreement.