Casinos are proud partners to communities across the country, delivering jobs, enormous tax revenues, charitable contributions and high-caliber entertainment. The American Gaming Association (AGA) is promoting our many contributions through the “Get to Know Gaming” campaign and aggressive media outreach. In just a few short weeks since the campaign’s launch, dozens of stories have run highlighting the industry’s significant efforts to strengthen local communities.

Traditionally, our industry has spoken of its impact in terms of “gross gaming revenue” and the jobs within commercially owned properities. But this approach – as represented in State of the States – only scratches the surface of our contributions. The gaming industry supports jobs in retail, lodging, manufacturing, high-technology, mathematics – and this is the story that AGA seeks to share.

At G2E 2014, the AGA – in partnership with Oxford Economics – will release a groundbreaking study on the economic impact of gaming in its totality. This research will strengthen the industry’s message for years to come and fundamentally shift the way in which we calculate our impact.

Until the new report is available, please access the 2013 economic impact of commercial casinos within your state online at

The positive contributions of gaming are countless and the facts are on our side. Through improved understanding of gaming’s entire impact, we can successfully position gaming as one important component in a community’s economic and entertainment development strategy. Thank you for your support in establishing a new chapter for the gaming industry.