A temporary shutdown has been put in place for the Venue at the River Cree Resort and Casino of the Enoch Cree Nation just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada after a building code deficiency was found. It was announced just two days ago that The Venue would have to be shut down temporarily and any shows scheduled would be relocated or refunded.

The Venue was a tent structure that had been temporarily set up to house entertainment shows until a permanent facility could be constructed. A full list of relocated shows is expected to be released by the tribe shortly and refunds provided for shows that will not be relocated. The shows included in the refund or relocation category are those that were booked until July.

The new concert facility is not due to start construction until 2017 and opened by 2019. Events have taken place at The Venue for the past eight years without incident but once the building code deficiency was located, the staff shut down the venue immediately. A directive has not been given for the shutdown of the facility but River Cree Enterprises took it upon themselves to shut down the facility.

The white tent used as The Venue was put in place by a company that is no longer in existence when a former employee was with the company and is no longer employed today. The River Cree Enterprises group took over the ownership and management of the facility in 2014.

Robert Morin is the CEO of River Cree Enterprises and commented on the shutdown by stating that public safety is the number one priority of the company. They would never want to see anyone in danger so as soon as they learned The Venue was not up to code, the decision to shut down was made. Morin stated that work will begin on a new temporary structure for the site which will meet or exceed the current building codes and should be ready by July of 2015. The long term plan of the company is to build a permanent concert structure on the site. That plan has not changed and the River Cree Enterprises believes a permanent venue will be in place by 2018.

Shows upcoming this month include Lynyrd Skynyrd this weekend, The Price is Right on the 17th and 19th, Amy Schumer on the 18th and Chad Brownlee on the 28th. Any show that cannot be placed in a new venue will have the purchase price of the ticket refunded.