Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd (1076:HK) announced Monday via a company press release that on Thursday, July 6, it will open its integrated resort (IR), Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel in Saipan.

Just last week the local Marianas Variety newspaper reported that Eugenio Sousa, VP of Security at Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd. revealed a projected July 15 target date during a meeting with the Commonwealth Casino Commission, while the firm’s Charles McDonald, according to the news agency, explained that a minimum of 10 additional days would be needed for his team to complete the transfer of equipment and staff from its Best Sunshine Live in Garapan.

However, according to the latest report from Asia Gaming Brief, the $500 million venue in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands will be up and running this Thursday.

The Hong Kong-based firm said, “This spectacular new casino is set to redefine luxury as part of Saipan’s exciting development into a world center of leisure and entertainment,” as cited by the news agency.

The resort’s hotel will feature 329 hotel suites, 15 deluxe villas, numerous Michelin Star chef-headed restaurants, and top-notch convention and entertainment facilities. The casino itself will, meanwhile, offer more than 70 gaming tables and upwards of 190 electronic gaming machines, according to the report.

At this stage, the Imperial Pacific Resort will not be offering accommodations. Exactly when the hotel will open was not disclosed by Imperial Pacific.

Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kwong Yiu Ling, commented, “Imperial Pacific has committed to the development of world-class investment and high-end entertainment projects in Saipan. We are very excited to transfer to the Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel・Saipan. It is our first milestone and will definitely help to launch a new era of luxury in Saipan. We will be working very hard for the sustainable development and Saipan, will become one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world.“