On Friday, the United States Internal Revenue Service filed a notice of federal tax lien against Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investment Ltd. The company is the owner of the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino and reportedly, have not paid their taxes for the 2015 to 2016 time frame. The IRS is claiming $593,821.39 in unpaid taxes by the group.

The filing was done before the United States District Court for the NMI and claims that taxes assessed against the Hong Kong Entertainment group have remained unpaid. The IRS states that the company owes Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Returns at just over $196,000 for the period of taxes that ended on the 30th of September of last year. An additional $212,375.10 is owed for the tax period ending on the 31st of December of last year. For 2016, $139,750.19 is owed from March 31st of this year and an additional $45,545.69 is owed from June 30th.

HKE bank accounts were accessed by United States Marshals Service two weeks prior but only $595.84 was seized according to a report in the Saipan Tribune. The money was seized just a short time after United States District Court for NMI Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona decided to have the clerk issue a court order to be able to collect $1.4 million from bank accounts of the company. The order was issued to Richard W. Pierce, an attorney who represented two survivors of a plane crash.

To satisfy the judgment of the survivors, the judge ordered the clerk to have the United States Marshals Service take funds from two accounts of the company, one being the Bank of Guam and one the Bank of Saipan.

The survivors of a plane crash, Dr. Jun Takimoto and Tomoyuki Nagata, working with Pierce, filed a request for entry of writ of attachment before the court. The court order was executed and the $595.84 seized from the two bank accounts in the Bank of Saipan but no money was taken from the Bank of Guam as it did not have an account that is maintained by the Hong Kong Entertainment group.