In a surprise decision handed down by judge Richard M. Berman, commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL lost its case against New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in federal court Thursday morning. It was also a damning blow to a league that seemed extremely confident its original decision would be upheld in a court of law.

The court ruling basically exonerates Brady of all wrongdoing for his participation in the “Deflategate” scandal that has dominated most sports headlines at ESPN and other media outlets for the better part of 7 months now. More importantly, it wiped out the original 4-game suspension that the NFL and Roger Goodell had slapped on Brady just a few months ago in arbitration.

Judge Berman spoke with the media after the decision was made, saying that commissioner Goodell handed out his “own brand of industrial justice” regarding the original Brady suspension, effectively affirming that the punishment didn’t fit the crime. The NFL has already filed a motion to appeal the decision made by Berman.

With a clear head and this whole ordeal behind him, Tom Brady’s next task will be suiting up for his team’s regular season opener against the Steelers next Thursday night, where the Patriots will also be unveiling their Championship banner from their Super Bowl victory over Seattle this past season.

New England fans will be able to breathe a lot easier knowing they will have a very gritty and very ticked off Brady behind center for this matchup of potential AFC Championship contenders. Before the overturned suspension the Steelers were small favorites to win this game at most sportsbooks, however, with the Pats now at full strength most of the lines have shifted to the Patriots -7 (which you can bet at

On top of the league opener lines moving after today’s court decision, most Las Vegas sportsbooks changed the chances of the Patriots winning the Super Bowl from 10:1 to 8:1, which puts them as co-favorites in the AFC with the Indianapolis Colts. The only teams above the Patriots in the Super Bowl odds race are the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, which you can bet on at (and claim your 50% instant bonus up to $250) today.