Global sports entertainment firm Topgolf International Incorporated has announced the signing of a deal that is to see it partner with Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL Corporation in order to add eSports lounges to six of its venues in the United States.

Golf-themed entertainment:

The Dallas-headquartered firm operates 51 properties around the world that offer patrons the chance to enjoy its Topgolf-branded game where players are challenged to hit micro-chipped golf balls at giant dartboard-like targets in an outfield.

Broad spread:

Topgolf International Incorporated explained via an official press release that the coming eSports lounges will open early next year at select venues in the states of Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota and North Carolina featuring 4K UHD 6-Series televisions from TCL Corporation. It detailed that these units will be added to the properties’ viewing areas and are to be optimized for group and individual eSports entertainment and gaming.

Diverse uses:

YuChiang Cheng, President for Topgolf Media, declared that his firm decided to premiere eSports facilities after reaching out ‘to a diverse group of gamers of all different backgrounds.’ He moreover stated that customers will be able to utilize the soon-to-debut lounges in order to enjoy a variety of games and special events as well as coaching sessions and viewing parties.

Cheng’s statement read…

“Topgolf at its core is about bringing people from all walks of life together through play, competition, music and food to share in meaningful moments. Creating inclusive eSports destinations driven by TCL Corporation’s polished viewing and gaming presentation will help further a diverse group of people to enjoy eSports and feel welcomed.”

Las Vegas to lead the way:

Topgolf International Incorporated proclaimed that its first eSports lounge is set to premiere inside its Las Vegas franchise early next month while confirming that it is moreover in the process of designing turnkey solutions for similar events due to be hosted at its properties.

Partner ‘confident’ of success:

For his part, Chris Larson, North America Senior Vice-President for TCL Corporation, described the venues from Topgolf International Incorporated as ‘unlike any other’ in advance of stating that his firm is ‘excited’ to have teamed up with the operator in order ‘to create a new experience for the eSports community and Topgolf guests.’

Larson’s statement read…

“TCL Corporation’s award-winning televisions have been praised for delivering premium picture quality and powerful performance, especially by the gaming community, which makes [our] products a worthy addition to homes and Topgolf venues across the country. As such, we’re confident that this partnership will be long-lasting and successful for both brands and our customers.”