In Japan, local governments and operators of integrated resorts (IR) are, in addition to the Casino Management Board, going to be accountable to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), according to a report from Asia Gaming Brief citing local sources.

Local hosts of IR’s in Japan will reportedly be responsible for achieving positive results in the areas of tourism promotion and contributing to regional economies. The country’s jurisdiction and administrative divisions will be responsible for reporting results for each fiscal year to the MLIT. The annual reports will be made public, according to the news agency.

IR’s found to be falling short of performance standards will be subject to on-site inspections by the MLIT, and, if necessary, the agency will issue business improvement orders. In extreme cases, IR certifications can be lost by local governments if such orders are not adhered to.

Similar powers of oversight will be had by the Casino Management Board, the focus of its mandate; however, will be the casino element of IRs. Those elements reportedly include measures for dealing with gaming operations and financial crimes. While the organization has yet to be created, it is envisioned to be an external bureau of the Cabinet Office, according to the news agency.

Last month, following a meeting between an expert panel led by Hitotsubashi University professor Hirotaka Yamauchi and government officials from the Office of Integrated Resort Regime Promotion, more information, most notably the size of the gaming floors to be allowed within the facilities, concerning the specific rules and guidelines that could govern Japan’s coming IR’s was revealed.