Officials in Windsor, Connecticut oppose the expansion of gambling and the city council has voted  9-0 to oppose the legalization of gambling facilities in the town. Town officials and many residents do not welcome the expansion of gambling in their area. The resolution states that expanded gambling would be harmful and does not fit in with the plans of the town, nor does it offer any sustainable economic growth.

In addition to voicing their opposition,  town officials agreed in the resolution that no financial incentives will be offered to any developer of gaming facilities in Windsor. Tribes in the area wish to open casinos that are located near the state’s borders in an attempt to prevent the loss of business to neighboring states – specifically new casino resorts being built in New York and Massachusetts. The Connecticut General Assembly is considering the possibility of allowing 3 new casinos to be built.

Windsor council member, Al Simon states that the resolution has support from the community and that opposition is widespread in the town.