Entertainment City is a gaming zone located in Manila where several venues including casinos, resorts and entertainment options are being developed. The Travellers International Hotel Group is working on creating the West Side City Resorts World Casino, a venue that is now being delayed and could take as many as two years longer to complete.

Just yesterday, it was announced by the Travellers International Hotel Group via The Standard that the casino would be delayed and would possibly not open until 2020 or 2021. President of the group, Kingson Sian, stated that the project could be delayed further than the previously announced target opening date of 2019.

Travellers International already opened the Resorts World Manila, located just outside the Entertainment City zone, and have now been focusing on the West Side City venture. The group is a join collaboration of the Alliance Global Group and Malaysia’s Genting conglomerate.

During the annual shareholder meeting of Travellers, which took place a week ago, Sian stated that the company was still working on the design of the project so the group can offer something that is unique as well as in relation to the Resorts World Manila property. Travellers is working to not repeat the same offering but have some type of connection.

This is not the first time the project has been delayed. The casino was first set to open in 2018, when the name of the venue was Resorts World Bayshore.