Robert Smith, Treasurer of the CTBA Board and Chairman of the Pala Band of Luiseno Indians, will testify at the Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization, during their informational hearing on Internet poker. The iPoker hearing is set for Wednesday, April 23 at 1:30 pm, in State Capitol, Room 4202.

The hearing, was called by AGO Chair Isadore Hall, III, to promote a better understanding of the iPoker issue. Two bills, AB 2291 (Jones-Sawyer) and SB 1366 (Correa), have been introduced this year that would legalize Internet poker in California. CTBA member tribes are part of a coalition of tribes who are currently supporting AB 2291.

“The iPoker issue is a great focus for tribes right now because of its potential impacts on our tribal economies and our self-reliance,” Chairman Smith said. “Tribal gaming has generated some of the most successful gaming models in the world, with strong regulations and tough controls. As a result, California has become a leader in the gaming market. Only a bill that replicates those standards will succeed in California. We’ve been watching the development of Internet gaming in other states – where they’ve succeeded and where they’ve encountered challenges. We’ve also noted what games are resonating with players. CTBA is in favor of iPoker – but this new platform must be delivered methodically and with a clear understanding of the market we’re entering.”

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