From July 31st until August 8th, the Triton SHR Series has taken place in London, England at the Park Lane Hilton. The Main Event of the series recently finished up with 130 entries total, including 52 re-entries. The buy-in for the event was £100,000, which generated £122 million in total prize money. The event was set to take place for only two days, but had such a huge turnout that a 3rd day was added. In the end, it was Wai Kin Yong who earned the first place win after completing a deal in heads-up play.

Heads-Up Round:

As the event wound down to the final two, it would be Yong against Paul Phua. Interestingly enough, Phau is the co-founder of Triton and Yong is the son of Richard Yong, Phua’s business partner. The heads-up round between the two was not really about money but more about bragging rights for the winner.

The two would end up agreeing to a deal and place £150,000 on the line for the winner as well as the trophy. Yong was behind for some time during heads-up play but a dramatic hand would give him the chip lead in the poker tournament and he would not back down until the win was his.

Once Phua was at risk, he was eliminated from the competition by Yong holding Q-6 to the youngster’s K-J off-suit. A Jack on the river would give Yong the hand and the tournament win.

According to PokerNews

Yong commented on playing against Phua in the heads-up match by stating: “It feels great to play against Paul; it’s not happened before. I’m just going to play my best and go for the win.”

And he did, earning the first-place win and a total of £2,591,695 for his efforts.

Main Event Final Table Results Top Five:

Place Player Prize
First Wai Kin Yong £2,591,695 ($3,148,391)
Second Paul Phua £2,558,305 ($3,107,828)
Third Ben Heath £1,350,000 ($1,644,718)
Fourth Michael Soyza £1,120,000 ($1,364,507)
Fifth Sam Greenwood £902,000 ($1,098,915)