William J. Yung III has officially stepped down as CEO of Tropicana Entertainment Holding LLC amidst outcries demanding his removal by creditors and bondholders. Scott Butera, who’s been serving as president of the company, will be taking over as the new chief executive. Tropican Entertainment also instituted a new board of directors that includes both Butera and Yung. Both bondholders and creditors remain unhappy with Yung’s continuing involvement, however. Edward Weisfelner, attorney for the bondholders says this doesn’t go far enough and wants Yung off the board so that he “has not say over management”. Senior creditors have also filed papers in the bankruptcy court asking for Yung’s removal from “all management and directorial decisions”. As the founder of Tropicana, Yung is determined to continue with his involvement so this one may have to be decided by the courts.