Part of the True Flip group, True Lab has announced a new unique online slot game titled Startup Valley. Five smartheads can be found on the reels as they try to chase an investor meet-up. The smarties are buried in books, downing energy drinks as they try to be successful. The title includes several features including wilds, random multipliers, and extra spins.

Details of Startup Valley:

Load the reels of Startup Valley and it appears as if you are sitting at a work desk. You will find the smart characters as well as tools needed like coffee cups, laptops, pizza, and books. As you spin, special features can be activated.

Take for example the Solo Extra Spins Launch. Each character in the game is connected to a single reel and has a special ability. When players find an Experience symbol on the reel, the character connected to it, 10 experience points are collected. Once 100 experience points are earned, the character’s Solo Extra Spins are activated. Each character provides three spins on the reels of the online slot game.

When three scatter symbols are found on the reels, then 10 IPO Extra Spins are provided. During the IPO, all characters will trigger their abilities, no matter the experience earned. This helps players to earn extra incentives in the game.

According to a recent press release….

CBDO of True Lab, Vasily Polynov, commented on the new title by stating: “With a set of cool features and its signature visuals, Startup Valley is an ultimate slot game that will fit nicely into our 2020 roadmap. The Buy Bonus feature makes it attractive for an even broader audience.”