Despite the Mississippi River reaching high levels, the tourism office of Tunica has confirmed that the casinos in the area will remain open. Offering gaming just outside of the Memphis, Tennessee area, Tunica is a popular gambling spot in the state of Mississippi.

Based on reports by the National Weather Service, it is believed the river will peak at 40.5 feet by Friday on the gauge in Memphis. The gambling area of Tunica is located in the lowlands, which is near the river in Tunica County and could be at risk if the river flooded. Around 6,000 workers are employed at the casinos and hotels in the Tunica area.

Webster Franklin, the Chief Executive of the Tunica Convention & Visitors Bureau, stated that the tourism office is relieved to report that they do not anticipate an interruption in the future for service at the casinos in Tunica. Each of the eight casinos remain open after Bally’s Casino closed during a brief window over the weekend due to worries of flooding.