Twin River Management Group would like to build a casino in Tiverton, Rhode Island; however, approval is not coming easily. On May 4, 2015 news of the Monday night meeting was posted to share the timeline for other meetings as well as the “blank slate” project concept. John Taylor, chairman of the management group, provided the proposal for the new casino in the first public meeting to be held. The proposal he brought showed a site of 45 acres to be used off Route 81. He stated this land is a “blank slate” that can handle 1,100 slots and up to 40 table games, but everything is negotiable.

Taylor told attendees of the meeting that no pictures or amenities are listed regarding the gaming facility because Twin River Management Group wants public opinion. They wish to make it a community casino.

Councilman Brett Pelletier suggested Monday’s conversation made it sound like the casino is already a given, but he is concerned about the next steps. He is worried about  spending money on a project, even visualizing it and counting on the jobs, when the casino has not even received first stage approval.

Councilman Joseph Sousa suggested residents who are concerned over security and traffic will have their issues addressed. He stated there are good reasons to support the project, and ultimately it is the choice of Americans if they decide to gamble or not.

Any concerns over security, traffic, noise, and environmental damage can be alleviated with further conversations. Taylor stated through the upcoming months up to 50 meetings will be held for input from residents and people can ask for in-home meetings to discuss the situation. Twin River will also host workshops in September to talk about environmental, traffic and design issues.