Sports betting and fantasy sports can finally become a reality in Arizona. This week, the U.S. Department of the Interior decided to approve an updated tribal gaming compact in the state. The approval was the final state needed to get the ball rolling on both new industries. Governor Doug Ducey already signed emergency legislation back in April, and the compact was a connecting piece of the legislation.

Moving Forward

With the compact approval given on a federal level, more work must begin in order for services to get started. The licensing process will need to begin, and operations set up before players will have access to sports or fantasy betting. The goal is to have services up and running by the NFL season this fall.

In the negotiations, the tribes of Arizona fought hard to protect their exclusive right to most of the gambling options offered in the state. They will continue to have a type of exclusivity, but when it comes to sports betting outside entities are involved.

Along with tribes, professional sports teams also have the right to obtain licensing. Professional teams in the state like the Arizona Cardinals and the Diamondbacks can apply for licensing and then offer services within their stadiums. There are options for providers to offer online services as well as retail options.

Potential stakeholders are ready to get started. With the new betting industries, the state will be able to see thousands of new jobs as well as tax revenues that will be beneficial to the community.

Expanded Gambling

Along with sports betting, the tribes will also be able to expand on their exclusive gambling games. more slots can be added to the gaming floors and new table games like craps and baccarat can be added. When it comes to slots, around 6,300 new gaming options will be added across the state. The tribes will also be able to continue to offer poker and blackjack games as they have done before. With more options, the tribes can offer a more well-rounded gambling experience.

Currently, there are seven casinos operated by tribes in Phoenix. There are 24 casinos in total across the state. With the legal changes made by the new bill, new casinos can be created in Tucson, which will provide more jobs and revenues to the state. With more gaming options and an additional venue, players in Arizona and surrounding states will have access to plenty of games when traveling to local casinos.