Universal Entertainment Corp., owner of the Tiger Resort Limited of Hong Kong, has plans to use their United States subsidiary, UE Technologies Inc., to be able to obtain a manufacturing license for equipment as well as devices they use for casino operations. Plans are now in the works for UEC to begin the full manufacturing and sale of equipment for casino gaming.

The company plans on offering Player Tracking systems, automated machines and casino tables as well as multi-currency bill validators, among other items that they already use to operate casinos across the globe. The company will also continue to maintain a certificate of suitability that was acquired previously in order to invest in a casino operating company within the United States.

According to The Standard, the company stated that by securing a license for manufacturing, they will be able to protect themselves from being affected if a shareholder or company officer is subjected to investigation or determined to be unsuitable in the future. The UEC noted that in the casino industry, there are strict regulations across the world, so shareholders as well as officers must stay in compliance with the suitability requirement.

The UEC also noted that because of the strict regulations in place, their shareholders and management officers must complete screenings on suitability that are conducted by the gaming commission that serves as the regulatory authorities. With these actions, the UEC is securing their position in the business world by ensuring any unsuitable individuals will not affect their operations or licensing.