The Mega Moolah slot game created by Microgaming has been a favorite for years of slot gamers and online gamblers. The game has just seen a new record-breaking jackpot win after a player at UK Betway was able to take down a massive jackpot of over £13.2 million.

The online casino game is known worldwide for the massive payouts that are produced and continues to pay out well to those who play the game loyaly. On the 7th of October, Jonathon Heywood was enjoying the game on UK Betway when the jackpot was hit, earning a payday of £13,213,838.68. With the exchange rate on the day of the win, Heywood was able to earn a total payout equivalent to £17,879,645.12.

With the win, the 26 year old soldier was able to earn the largest online slot win to ever take place. The payout will take place in a lump sum, with Jonathon not being able to believe his luck!