The gambling regulator for the nation of Ukraine has reportedly been obliged to issue a statement reminding all local casinos and slot machine parlors that they must continue to abide by a series of war-time curfew measures.

According to a source, the country of around 41 million people has been on a war footing ever since being unexpectedly invaded by neighboring Russia some 145 days ago. Although the nation’s casinos and slot parlors were allowed to remain open following this ferocious and ongoing assault, they were nevertheless purportedly obliged to follow a raft of temporary measures including regional curfews.

Migration complication:

The giant European country’s Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries Commission has now reportedly issued a special reminder repeating an earlier mandate that all gambling-friendly premises must respect any local curfews on leisure and entertainment facilities and only open their doors to patrons between permitted times of the day or night. This prompt has purportedly become especially important due to the fact that many such enterprises have relocated to the west of Ukraine following the February 24 invasion in the east.

Sustained support:

In related news and the source reported that a host of international businesses and organizations have pledged financial and material aid to Ukraine and its people in the wake of last spring’s invasion. These include a donation of more than €510,000 ($521,500) from prominent online casino and sportsbetting operator Parimatch, which was established in Kyiv in 1994, following the firm’s earlier decision to pull its Betring LLC enterprise out of Russia and cease supporting that aggressor country’s Team Spirit eSports enterprise.

Reportedly read a statement from Parimatch…

“We have always been proud of the Ukrainian roots of our company and in these difficult times we are even more overwhelmed by love for our native country. We strongly condemn the military aggression against Ukraine and will try to do everything possible to help Ukraine.”

Compassionate cohorts:

Maltese online casino games and software developer Pragmatic Play Limited has reportedly furthermore joined the club of iGaming firm’s backing the beleaguered nation as it recently donated some £100,000 ($120,100) to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal campaign from the British Red Cross. This was purportedly prefaced by March’s Gaming Industry for Ukraine fundraiser exceeding its initial £250,000 ($300,400) target to help support those displaced by the war.

Profound pursuit:

The Chief Executive Officer for Pragmatic Play Limited, Julian Jarvis, reportedly used a May filing to assert that his company has been ‘deeply touched’ by the war in Ukraine and is now keen to assist ‘valued colleagues and their families’ as well as anyone else ‘directly affected’ by the invasion.

A statement from Jarvis reportedly read…

“Our contribution will help ensure that the incredible work that the British Red Cross undertakes can continue and those caught up in the crisis will be able to receive much needed humanitarian support.”