iGaming Business – The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint against Ladbrokes for an online banner advert for a sales promotion.

The promotion stated, ‘UP TO £500! IN FREE BETS ON LADBROKES EXCHANGE,’ with smaller, hyperlinked text stating, ‘T&Cs Apply – Click here.’

Within the terms and conditions, it was stated that, in order to obtain £500 of free bets, customers must have paid £1,925 in commission to Ladbrokes on their winning bets, which, at a commission rate of 5% meant they would have had to have won £38,500.

Ladbrokes said that the promotion was designed to promote and reward customer loyalty rather than being a short-term bonus.

However, the ASA ruled that the advert was misleading and it must not appear again in the same form.

“We considered consumers would understand from the ad’s claim… that some customers might not fulfil the requirements to receive the full £500 of free bets, but also considered that the overall impression created was that a reasonable proportion of customers would fulfil the requirements to qualify for a significant percentage of the maximum £500 of free bets, within a reasonable time frame,” the ASA said.