After Video Blackjack and other casino games, Ezugi decided to step up its game and release Ultimate Roulette, its first-ever live game show.

Classic roulette – but in the circus:

The game combines the classic roulette format, which is well-known and already loved by players all around the world, with an environment that reminds the players of the biggest and funniest circus you’ve ever seen. The fun in a circus Big Top is broadcasted by the live game show host, who makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Multipliers as the best asset:

There are many similarities to regular Roulette games. However, there are twists that will help players be entertained till the very end. The roulette is filled with various multipliers, so the prizes are significant.

Every round of Ultimate Roulette offers the players the possibility to get huge awards. If 11 Straight Up bet numbers appear on the betting grid along with the huge multiplier, the prizes greatly increase. For the luckiest players, there can appear multipliers that can double themselves. The initial ones go up to 1000x the base bet – and when doubled, the player can win up to 2000x bet.

There are many other possibilities to gain multipliers. Five Lucky numbers can be multiplied from 50x to 1000x completely randomly. If that happens and the player is satisfied, there is a possibility to buy additional three or fewer Lucky numbers. It is possible in every game round.

When it comes to the Lucky numbers, they also can possibly spread up to the three nearest numbers. When spread, the affected numbers will be affected by the same multiplier as the Lucky number. They also can multiply, each of them possibly awarding up to 2.000x to the player.

High production values:

Fredrik Bjurle, Chief Product Officer at Ezugi, said: “Ultimate Roulette is a momentous launch for Ezugi. It’s not only our first live game show but also a game with incredibly high production values. We are confident that players will be super-excited and entertained by the game’s unique setting and the dynamic multiplier action, which gives them a chance to win up to 2.000 times their bet. Players will be keeping one eye on where the multipliers are hitting, spreading, and potentially doubling in value too, and one eye on where the ball is coming to rest in the wheel. In terms of player engagement and entertainment value, it’s the ultimate online live Roulette gaming experience.”