Japanese media were subject to a presentation by advocates of the American casino industry earlier this week to emphasize the many benefits that can be gained from an integrated gaming resort. The presentation took place just three weeks after the Japan parliament saw a casino bill resubmitted for consideration.

The American Gaming Association sent representatives to a briefing in Tokyo, which was also attended by Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts executives. Many major casino operators sent executives to the briefing as well as experts in the gambling industry to try and promote their expertise in casino gaming to Japan.

Operators of casinos in the US are trying to reiterate to Japanese officials that a ban on Japanese individuals from entering casino establishments is not an attractive investment. Experts argue that with integrated resorts, problem gambling is actually reduced. Academic research was shown during the briefing to prove that problem gambling is not an issue. The information is either being ignored or not heard by those how are opposed to casinos in Japan.

The AGA attended the briefing to provide information and act as a resource for Japanese officials. The CEO of the AGA, Geoff Freeman, commented to reporters during the briefing that in the US, concerns of social costs like crime and addiction have been overblown fears and the benefits of the casino gaming activity has won the day.