A license to operate the Viña de Mar casino in Chile is up for grabs and two of the country’s top operators are vying for the chance to run the property. Enjoy and Sun Dreams have both placed bids for the license to operate the venue.

The current operator of the property, Enjoy, has submitted one bid while Sun Dreams has submitted two bids via two companies. The venue is one of the top operators in the region in terms of gross gaming revenues. From January to August of this year, the casino was able to generate just over $58 million. During this time frame, only one other casino was able to earn more, the Sun Monticello, which earned $75.7 million.

The Viña de Mar casino is the most popular casino out of the seven municipal casinos. These venues are casinos that were operating before 2005. It was at this point that the government decided to allow eighteen more casinos to be constructed.

In a press release, Vivien Villagrán, the Head of the Chilean Gaming Control Board, stated that the venue is an attractive place and it is one receiving the most offers from operators. The offers will be reviewed by the board, which will have 120 days to do so. The evaluations will then move on to the Supervisory Council of the SJC. The bids will then be reviewed for forty days with the option to ratify the offers or request a review. Once completed, the SJC will then make their ruling.

Enjoy and Sun Dreams will be competing in a second manner, as they are going head to head to try and earn licensing for a casino in Pucón. This facility is also currently operated by the Enjoy group.