Vincent Michael Malfitano is a businessman from California who recently purchased two casinos located in Virginia City, Nevada. To move forward with gaming, Malfitano applied for a gaming license with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The board subsequently denied licensing for the new casino owner, which will cause the Californian to sell his newly purchased properties.

On Wednesday, the board recommended that Malfitano be denied for a license as well as the ability to be the landlord of both casinos. Without landlord capabilities as well as licensing, the new casino owner will have to close and sell the facilities.

In two weeks, the Nevada Gaming Commission will consider the board’s recommendation. One casino, the Delta Saloon, has 103 slot games as well as a sports book. The second casino, Bonanza Saloon, offers 39 slot games.

Malfitano is a former dentist who also owns an assisted living facility in California. The board questioned Malfitano about why he omitted a prior citation for obstruction of a police officer. He was also questioned as to the lawsuits that are currently against him as well as tax liens. The board was also against the methods used by Malfitano to handle a labor complaint by an employee.